Welcome to Sums v Chums, the exciting new competitive maths game that allows you to challenge your friends to competitions to see who can answer the most questions correctly in 60 seconds.

Each game consists of 3 rounds of 60s each, with a variety of maths questions to answer against the clock. Will you be able to beat them?

With selectable difficulty levels and optional powerups to make your life easier, are you ready to accept the challenge? Customise your in-game avatar with fun images and cool colours to show off your personal style.

Whether you want to face off against your friends for bragging rights, or to help your kids improve their times tables, Sums v Chums is the app you need.

Available on Windows Phone 8 and iPhone for cross-platform fun with your friends.




Sums v Chums can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Windows Phone Store using the links below. Games can be played between players on either platform.